Love is in the air. And in Chocolate Fondants.

Tall , dark & handsome ? Check.
Rich? Very.
Heart that melts? Affirmative.

Turns out Chocolate Fondants( Chocolate Lava Cakes to some) are the toast of the season. Okayy...they may not exactly be 'tall' - but if they were truly 'all of the above' they'd be full of hot air..see?
Whatever your heart out this Valentine's (literally!) - since they are one heck of an artery clogging, weight-watch busting, 'make-you-go-weak-in-the-knees' dessert.

Making fondants is really not the enigma that it's made out to be, and molten centre or not - they're an assault on the senses either way! Take heart though,  the recipe does work.

What's more - melting dark chocolate and butter together feels like stirring a witches' cauldron, very therapeutic, in an evil sort of way.
Yepper. Joy to eat AND joy to make.

The 'new short tulip-dress' plans will have to wait.

Recipe here. Of course, if you're too picky you may want to complicate a perfectly fool-proof, easy-peasy recipe to this.
But there really is a thing as too much foreplay.

Some notes on my trials with it-
  • I used 150 ml ramekins, and in my oven, - 12 minutes at 200 degrees gave me the perfect fondants. Spongy outsides, and gooey goodness in the centre.
  • The consistency of the batter in the end was much thicker than what Gordon describes it, but they still turned out perfect.
  • The fondants with Gordan's recipe linked above are not sweet enough, (even for me - and I don't do too sweet!) - I found another recipe, again by Gordon, where the sugar measure has been increased, so I suggest using 120 gms of sugar for every 100 gms of flour.
  • Do remember to let the ramekins stand for a minute before turning the fondants out.
  • Since exact timing depends on the depth to which you fill your ramekins and the thickness of the china, it makes sense to have a spare 'tester' . 
          That's right. Any excuse will do :)

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  1. How beautiful is that?
    ... And I think it is SOOO important to be prudent - always make a spare chocolate fondant.. ;-)

  2. Ah the ultimate dessert, looks fabulous.

  3. @ Shivangi - no surprises there :P

    @ Wendy - thanks..oh yes,the recipe needs to be nailed down after all :P

    @ Janice - thank you! Next time,I'll be making them taller though :)

  4. I think I might make a few testers ;) that looks glorious! And it's reassuring to hear that it's more simple than everyone makes out, I shall try it!

  5. Looks rich and deep. I like that you made them in heart ramekins too.

    I have yet to make this delicious dessert.