Drillem, Fillem, Billem

Both me and H have had a spate of dentist appointments lately that resulted in three wisdom tooth extractions, between us, in the past couple of weeks. Its magical how something like that can send your life (and kitchen!) into a tizzy, specially when sitting in a dentist's chair in London has the potential to suck your life's savings right out of your open mouth  ! As a result, more due to the prescribed post extraction care however , as opposed to tightened purse strings, quite a few of our meals these past weeks have been dominated by chewy, mushy, cold foods of all sorts and diff kinds of soups, of which, this chilled Spinach and Watercress soup made a well and truly healthy and comforting meal this glorious, sunny weekend.

Due to the recently broadcast reality series 'Gordon's Great Escape' on his culinary adventures in India and his resulting on-TV admission that vegetarian cuisine isn't always - well..."bland"(contrary to his innumerable earlier mouthings!) - I was beginning to warm to him a little, despite the controversy the program stirred up. This was a tough vegetarian conquest no doubt (played out in my mind as Gordon procrastinated at the veggie God's sacred altar), and my kitchen was now ready to adopt a vegetarian recipe from Gordon :) Find the recipe for the Chilled Spinach and Watercress Soup here.

I however, used the optional chicken stock instead of vegetable stock for added flavour and felt that worked better to lift the peppery spinach and watercress undertones without overpowering this chilled soup in any way (oh...and to appease chicken crazy H as well ). I surely overdid the olive oil 'drizzle' on there, but honestly could have added more!! It's no dinner party fare but definitely one I'll make again and well, it does make my kitchen ready for future dental emergencies more than ever now :) As they say, Drillem, Fillem, Billem - and may I add....Chillem !

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  1. ooh very green soup! Gordon is not my favourite person either, haven't seen the India programme. Hope your mouths feel better soon.

  2. Thanks Janice! We're already a lot better, the mush food regimen suits me just fine though - hides all sorts of anomalies :D