On Strawberry Martinis and Rigor Mortis and Things

My H has upped the stakes in the 'surpises-at-midnight-on-birthday-eve' department at our place. He's turned mixologist ! Less effort than cooking/baking (and less cleaning up!), more wow factor - and gorgeous cocktails ! And if you're considering getting stocked up on the tools, here's the lowdown!

The intention to go the 'strawberry way' could be have been born after a fun evening out with friends and family that basically went like - frozen strawberry margaritas, tequila shots with lime and salt, more tequila shots and  resulting peals of laughter that continued well into the night!
So while I deal with wondering if the blog looks right , tackle to-dos higher up on the totem pole of importance than food posts right now and generally, get fired up for the next cook-off - here's a post acknowledging his 'ka-chunk ka-chunk shakes' on my birthday eve (back in Oct actually, so timely post - not!) and awesome martinis :) And of course to hoping the good work continues :)

For those who're rushing to chill their glasses and shaker, find the recipe here! You can add the 'sugar coated rim touch' if you like, but the H used the deepest red strawberries and it was just as great without.  "Shaken, not stirred" !

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  1. ... I wish my husband would surprise me with cocktails! Lucky girl... and hope you had a happy birthday!

  2. I did too, thanks - it was a while away though:) Do you blog too?

  3. These look great, happy belated birthday.

  4. Gee..thanks Janice - and you have a prolific blog which I'm going to follow :)