Egg Muffins versus Breakfast Blues

Let's face it ! For those of us who even bother to have breakfast, it really is a chore - cereal, porridge,oats yada yada does get boring and even so the innards scream out for elevenses! Of course,an Eggs Benedict served up in bed is just the dream,but these scrummy Egg Muffins are a 'real world' doable and filling weekday option that are just as easy-peasy as they are grab and go ( freeze individually, thaw and reheat in a microwave the next morning!)

Liz's discussion (rather SOS!) on the UKFBA page  prompted me to dig this one out! So this is specially for you Liz :)

Kalyn's blog gives the detailed recipe ( thanks Kalyn!)- as is evident , my muffins seem to have the air sucked out of them a bit, versus Kalyn's which look firm - and that's because I was a bit squirmish about adding the recommended amount of cheese ;) Lesson learnt -> the lesser the cheese and veg in the egg mixture, the more air will be incorporated and (contrary to most bakes!) we don't want that in this case ! I used finely chopped spring onions and a mix of cheddar and gruyere (yumm!) but no meat - and substituted the spike seasoning for a mix of italian dry herbs blend , a pinch of bolognese seasoning (!!), some tarragon butter, salt and pepper , which if I may say so myself, worked really well :) Also, I used a very lightly greased non-stick metal muffin pan and didn't even need any paper liners - they came off beautifully once rested for 2-3 mnts , but that must be due to the wee tarragon butter in there.
This is surely a recipe to ward off those breakfast blues, and one of those things that can taste different and equally enjoyable each time you make them, depending on the current bounty your larder has to offer :)


  1. Oooh thanks, these look great for bringing into work for breakfast! I'm getting sick of toast and porridge!

  2. These look great - bet they taste fab too!

  3. Thanks Catherine,they sure are - and I actually like them better cold than warm - the seasoning really comes alive at room temp!

    @ Giles,thanks! They do, if you like egg frittatas u'll love these - they're just smaller versions :)

  4. looks divine. tempted to try them myself...Freeze 'em, really? Btw, tried them with egg whites only?

  5. Hi Anon :) Do try them,I haven't tried them out with egg whites, the texture will be less spongy I imagine !